The Nightmare Ends
Turns out I have a new job that will start in a couple of weeks. To give me enough time to sort through everything and pack up my belongings, I am resigning from my current job tomorrow. I have alternated from giddiness to disbelief to anxiety to relief. I burst into tears out of nowhere a little while ago, my relief is so great.

So much for training anyone. They don't deserve another second of my energy anyway.

I have a job interview on Saturday with a diamond wholesaler in San Francisco. Wish me luck! It sounds like they really want to hire me but I won't know more until I go there. They are also very understanding of the fact that I don't live in the bay area just yet. I take this as a good sign.

I do not talk about work on facebook and haven't for a long time, utilizing my livejournal account instead for my various bitchings and ramblings. This decision was made solely because the boss's brat daughter sent me a friend request a long time ago which I felt obliged to accept.

A little while ago I decided to delete her. She didn't even notice, of course. She knows now, though.

I kept her BFF on the list and had blocked her from reading my posts. A couple of days ago I decided to unblock her, knowing that eventually the brat would see one of my updates about moving and the job search through her. It happened last night.

She saw that I had mentioned that I had a job interview and immediately called her mommy and tattled on me so I was in for a surprise when I got to work. My boss immediately came to my desk and said the brat saw what I wrote on facebook and was it true that I was looking for a new job. I said yes. She proceeded to freak out, trying to lay a guilt trip on me, saying that she never did anything to me and I could have at least told her and blah blah blah, basically that I had hurt her feelings by not saying anything. She was laying it on pretty thick. The update didn't say a damn thing about her or my current job, just that I had an interview and I was optimistic about the outcome. I guess she has some guilt issues of her own concerning how she treats her employees.

I responded that Mike and I were sick of Tahoe and we had decided to move. I didn't say when because I still don't know. Then she told me that I needed to get online and post an ad for my position so I could train someone. I KNEW this would happen. I KNEW IT! I said, "Right now?"

I didn't do it. I had actual work to do and I wanted to give her time to calm herself down.

She ended up going into the back and yelling at S___, saying that she knew and didn't say anything, which she denied. She actually knows everything but I told her I was fine with her denying it because she doesn't need any grief over this. I won't say a thing. Later on she was very nice to S____ and also to J____, both of whom have been screamed at nearly every day for months. I wrote J____ a notice of resignation today that she will be giving them soon. Good for her! She's too good for that place.

The boss came back to my desk a few times, saying that everyone loves me there and I have a job for as long as I need one (like she'd ever fire me and give me a chance to collect unemployment, no matter how pissed off she was.) She got all sweet and nice and when BFF came in she asked her if she wanted to take over my job. I ended up showing her a couple of things and I guess she's going to work with me a bit and observe. I don't mind at all because I actually like her quite a bit, despite her associations, and she's smarter than anyone else there and I bet she could do it. When she came over to my desk, I asked her if she really wanted to do this. She said no. I told her it's a ton of work and a lot to learn and she jumped right in anyway and asked a bunch of questions and I feel good about it. But she absolutely does not want to do it. She only agreed because she feels like she's obligated to these awful people since their families have known each other forever and the brat is her bestest friend in the whole world (although she's told me that she honestly can't stand her but feels like she doesn't have a choice but to keep up the charade.)

The boss and the brat were gone the rest of the day in Reno so I didn't have to look at or speak to either of them. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Side note: There was a crazy bust behind the shopping center this afternoon, police with their guns drawn on suspects and drug sniffing dogs all over their car. Fantastic. And people keep telling me to watch out for bad neighborhoods while looking for a new place to live. This town is so ghetto it isn't funny.

Nothing new at work. Got some news and ended up not telling my boss that I'm leaving. Instead, I deleted the brat from facebook and posted about moving and looking for jobs. The brat's BFF is still on my "friends" list but she isn't saying anything. I've never been sure of her trustworthiness but if she hasn't told anyone at work yet I don't think she'll do it at all. I also told two of my coworkers who are also fed up with that hellhole. They're rooting for me. It feels good to share some of this with people I work with and see every day.

Looks like we might have a place soon and I also may have a job when that happens. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm still a bit restless and nervous. Feeling much better, though.

I felt like sharing a couple of things that happened today. It was rather uneventful but I realize that I rarely talk about daily stuff anymore and I sort of miss the old days when I wrote blogs on a daily basis. Pretty much stopped doing that when I deleted my myspace account.

1) A lady and her husband were looking at furs this afternoon. She was very chatty and friendly, unlike most of the women who peruse the fur department. In case you didn't know, the fur room is where my desk and base of operations is located. I don't have a real office and they figure that this way I can keep an eye on people who might venture back there either to steal things or try furs on. All of the furs are supposed to be hooked up to sensors and if someone takes one off, an alarm sounds. This is great in theory but the girls (including the boss) rarely hook the damn things back up when they are finished with them.

Anyway, This lady and her husband were on a vacation from Jordan. They have family in San Francisco who they visit a few times a year and decided to take a side trip to Tahoe. She was admiring the furs and telling us about how her sister told her not to bring her mink coats with her to SF in case some stupid hippie throws paint on her or something. I guess she's had people get in her face when wearing them in the US in the past and she doesn't much like it.

She does search and rescue work for the military and told a story about a time when they were on vacation at a resort in Jordan. She was wearing one of her mink coats and received an urgent call telling her she needed to help a pilot who had parachuted into an area infested with quicksand. She went straight out, still in her coat, and ended up in the quicksand herself, saturating her coat in filth and oil. She was going to throw the coat away but her husband talked her into sending the coat to a friend in Geneva to find a furrier who could maybe do something for her. After hearing that she had saved a man's life in her mink coat, the furrier cleaned it for free and when she got it back it looked good as new. She said she was astounded by what a wonderful job he did.

I liked her. She was nice.

2) A family of mentally challenged people were shopping in the store today, a man, his wife and their 13 year old son. This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but it's not. Of course everyone was friendly to them and helpful. I might work with some horrible people but at least they are professional when dealing with customers.

As soon as they walked out, the brat turned to us and starting raving. "Fucking retards shouldn't be allowed to breed!" She then expanded on her theory that two retarded people shouldn't have children and should be sterilized because if you put two retards together they're going to make even more severely retarded babies and become burdens on society. BFF said that two retarded people can have perfectly normal babies and you can't take away their reproductive rights just because you don't like retards. "Fucking retards shouldn't be allowed to reproduce!" she said even louder. Then she saw me looking at her and said, "I don't mean to be mean or anything but it's true!"

I walked away. So now I know that she is prejudiced against African Americans, Jewish people and the mentally challenged. Not much of a surprise.

sick of it all
I'm sick of the snide comments and ridiculous demands, sick of the fake smiles and daily rants. My leg won't stop shaking. I can't sit still or focus. Even Jeopardy is not holding my attention this evening.

A lot has been happening at work, none of it good. I don't really feel like recounting any of it. I'm so tired.

I think what's bothering me the most is I feel like I'm sneaking around while looking for a new job and place to live. It's stressing me out and I'm severely depressed. I am planning on saying something to my boss in the morning so I can talk about it freely and damn the consequences. If she ends up firing me, awesome. If she tries to make my life hell or force anything on me, I will do my best to resist letting it get to me. After all, they're the ones who will be losing out by treating me like crap for all these years. Even if it takes a few more months to find something and get out, I will have something wonderful to look forward to...

...sweet, sweet freedom.

Dramarama (again)
Man, I'm sick of my job. I've said it a million times and it still holds true.

I'm sick of dealing with H_____, the helper who is no help whatsoever. She's still screwing up but I'm so used to it that it barely phases me. I did go in and talk to the office manager a couple of weeks ago because I blew my top after hearing from multiple people that she was talking crap about me and how I do my job, even from people who work on the sales floor. She straight up lied to one person, claiming that I didn't show her some of the order-fulfillment protocol after I asked her to please put the date on each order to make it easier to reference them later. I went through the notes that I gave her (complete with screen captures) and it was right there, not to mention I physically showed her. It still took her 2 weeks to start doing it after I had to remind her a 3rd and 4th time. I guess I didn't speak loudly enough or should have tattooed it on her arm or something.

Anyway, I blew up and freaked out and told the office manager everything that was bothering me about her, the shit-talking, mistakes, lies, etc. She relayed this to the boss who really didn't want to deal with it at all. The only reason I said anything was because after my assistant ended up getting unemployment benefits, I was specifically told that if there were any issues I had to let them know so a formal complaint could be filed. That didn't happen anyway so whatever.

I am usually the last to hear any sort of gossip because I'm always too busy to bother with it but what the hell? It involved ME, which is not normal and really pissed me off considering I'm there to do a job and I do it well. Fuck H________. She's an idiot.

Today something happened which prompted me to write this blog. So much stupid drama.

C______, who makes jewelry for the store and is a very sweet lady, was helping some customers with boots. They ended up buying 6 pairs, which was great. Right before these people came in, she asked another customer if they needed any help, which they didn't. After ringing up her sale and finishing up, she turned around and the first customer was back. They had a small purchase they wanted to make. C____ asked if anyone else had helped them and they said no, so she rang up the sale.

It is standard to ask a customer if anyone else was helping them because many of the girls make commission and it's a big no-no to take someone else's sale. Fair enough, right? This guy said no one was helping him so C______ rang it up. She doesn't even make commission. The sale was so small as to be negligible but A______, who I guess was sitting by the register, took offense because C______ just had a good sale and she felt that she should have gotten this tiny sale. The way I see it, she should have been paying attention and maybe she would have gotten the sale herself.

Anyway, she complained about it to the office manager who then went to C______ and chastised her...FOR HELPING A CUSTOMER WHO ASKED FOR HELP. Since when is this a punishable offense? That's her job! I was baffled.

If I was baffled, C_______ was devastated. She was so upset that she was getting in trouble for doing her job that she was shaking. She didn't understand what she had done wrong or why A______ would complain about her. I didn't get it, either. She got so upset that she decided that she couldn't take the stress any more and said she was quitting. She ended up telling us that the boss had called her stupid the other day for asking a question about something. Her words were, "One minute she's giving me a hug, the next she's calling me stupid. I don't understand it. This isn't normal!"

A____ ended up coming into the back room where C_____ was and tried to put her arm around her, like she was trying to apologize for what happened but C_____ shook her off and said, "No!"

C_____ is always getting harassed by the brat. Before all of this happened, the brat had come into the back and said C_____ was driving her crazy. She says this every time they have to work together. The brat treats C______ like crap all the time, talks down to her and makes fun of her. It's awful and I feel terrible for C_____. She doesn't have the nerves to work in this sort of environment and she shouldn't have to take this abuse.

Back to the story...C_____ said she was quitting. She asked S___ to take all of her jewelry for the store out of inventory because she was taking it home with her. S____ tried to calm her down and said maybe she needed to go take a break and sit down for a little while before making any rash decisions. C_____ said her mind was made up.

The brat was trying to eavesdrop on the conversation but didn't hear what was said. Then, when S____ went out to the sales floor, the brat pounced on her and told her not to talk to C_____. She thought that S_____ was egging her on or talking crap or something but all she was trying to do was calm C_____ down. She kept saying, "I've never seen her this upset" and was worried that she might have some sort of attack from the stress. C_____ isn't in the best of health and S___ was genuinely concerned about her.

I almost forgot to mention the fact that the brat was throwing a fit over this on the sales floor and customers were staring at her and walking out the door. How wonderfully, refreshingly professional.

The brat ended up calling the boss who was on her way down to the store when S___ and I clocked out for the day. I guess I'll find out in the morning what happened but I really hope that C_____ sticks to her guns and gets the hell out of there.

On another topic...

We have been making calls and sending emails daily, inquiring about apartments in the bay area on craigslist. After 3 weeks we are having no luck. Either we get no responses, the places are rented too quickly or we do not qualify for them. It looks like the majority of apartment complexes require you to already have proof of employment and make 2x the cost of rent. Plus, we are limited because we have a dog and not everyone will allow them.

It's hard to find a job when you don't live in the area and can't come in at the drop of a hat for an interview. It's also hard to find a place to live if you don't already have a job. Stupid catch-22. I've submitted applications, written emails and sent my resume to a number of places and have heard nothing back so far. I'm getting a bit discouraged but we're not giving up so easily. I have to get out of this hell hole.

That's right. I chickened out.

I have been going back and forth for weeks, weighing the pros and cons. Maybe you can help me here?

1) I tell them that we are looking into moving from the area.


It's the right thing to do.

The boss could possibly fire me and I could collect unemployment while looking for a new job.


They could make my life a living hell for my remaining time.

They could immediately try to hire a replacement and try to make me train them, which I have decided I will not do, and will then commence to make my life a living hell.

2) I don't tell them until the last minute that we are moving.


Stress-free work environment for my remaining days there.


No chance of collecting unemployment (which is doubtful in either scenario.)

It's not professional or nice.

Have I been treated professionally or nice? Not very often, or at least not often enough for me to care much what happens when I leave. Did anyone bother training me? No, I trained myself. Am I required to give any sort of notice? No. Not at all.

What would you do?

The beginning stages of...
I had decided that today was going to be the day that I tell the boss that we are making plans to move. It didn't happen, though.

I walked in, feeling pretty good after a 3 day holiday weekend, and found the boss yelling at the office manager over the furs. Once a month, every fur in the place is scanned and a report is generated to see what we have onhand. H_____ did it this month and screwed it all up, resulting in her having to do it again. The new report is still not right. The boss says that there are furs missing. I can't see someone being able to walk out the door with a fur coat that they didn't pay for. For one, they are all locked up with sensors that set off an alarm if they are taken off. Two, if a coat made it out the door, they have a secondary sensor inside that will set off the alarm at the front door.

I asked why the newest report isn't compared with the previous month's report to see if they match up with what sold for the month. It seems like the easiest and best way to solve the problem of "missing" furs. No one had a satisfactory answer. It's not my problem anyway, so I guess I don't really care but I hate hearing about it all the time. Implement a system that works, damn it!

Anyway, I didn't really want to walk up and say, "By the way, we're making plans to move out of Tahoe." For the rest of the day, the boss was in and out of the store or with customers and I never found a good time to make my announcement. I went home a little frustrated but not really stressed out. I already know that I am getting out of there in the near future so I'm doing my best not to let the negative environment effect me. It's been a rough Chtristmas season, dealing with thousands of dollars in returns, angry customers and less that fantastic sales due to the boss's meddling. I'm hoping I'm done getting screamed at on all fronts.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

I am sooooooo over the holidays at work. Tomorrow is Friday, though, and a much needed break for the weekend...with Daniel Tosh! I should be excited (and I am) but it's hard to drag myself out of work mode.

I don't really feel like writing anything right now but I'm going to anyway. This week has been horrible.

There's a new girl who was hired to take over some of the responsibilities of the office manager who, after something like 20 years, has decided that her workload is too much for one person. It isn't, really. I think she's just getting lazy. She makes a bunch of mistakes and it always ends up being the shipping manager's fault although none of these mistakes are her responsibility in the slightest. Plus, she takes about 10 cigarette breaks a day. If I did that, I'd be in trouble.

Anyway, the new girl has had so much dumped on her in a short amount of time that she is making some serious bookkeeping mistakes, not to mention other things. The boss made me show her how to fulfill orders because she thought I couldn't do it on my own for some reason during the holiday rush. I've only been doing it for 4 years so I'm not sure where she gets this idea.

I came in on my day off to train her a couple of Saturdays ago. It's a lot of detail oriented work and I spent around 4 hours there showing her everything step by step and making sure she understood and asked a lot of questions. She acted like she had it under control but I already saw some issues after her first day on her own. The packages were a mess with tape hanging off of them. She used old boxes with old shipping labels still attached, which could be potentially disastrous, even after I told her to use the new boxes that we purchased specifically for holiday orders. As I was showing her what to do, I had to void 3 shipping labels that she printed for packages where she entered the addresses wrong. I pointed them out to her and warned that it was very, VERY important to double or even triple check her typing to make sure there were no mistakes.

Then I waited a week to see what would happen.

This week I have had angry emails and telephone calls from customers who either didn't receive their packages at all or received someone else's items. One was addressed improperly. Another two were switched. One lady got slippers instead of the boots she ordered. I have no idea where her boots went and am still waiting to hear from whoever received them. What this boils down to is I have had to smooth all of these things over, arrange for pick-ups from UPS, refund orders and pay to have things returned to us. As if I don't have enough to do.

I told the boss that I didn't want or need any help, specifically because I don't trust anyone else to come in and do things correctly at our busiest time of the year. Still, she insisted and look at what happened. I have no idea what may have been screwed up last weekend but I am anticipating more angry emails and calls. She hasn't been in for a few days and the boss wants the 3 of us to sit down and go over every fuck up. I don't want to do this and said as much. I'll tell her what she did wrong but I'm not going to yell at her or anything. After my initial anger, I am over it. It's done and all I can do is clean up the mess, all because of yet another poor decision on my boss's part. Why do I have to suffer for this crap?

I told the boss that she is NOT allowed to package anything over the weekend, no matter how busy it gets. I said she is welcome to pull orders, print shipping labels and ring the sales but I will personally come in early on Monday if I have to so I can make sure that everything is done right. She is trying to fight me on this but if I she lets this woman package anything I will open EVERY box and compare every packing slip to their respective shipping labels to make absolutely sure that nothing is amiss. Next weekend is Christmas and I feel it's important for people to get their presents.

I got bitched at today because my ex-helper qualified for unemployment. I didn't want to hire anyone in the first place! And the boss is the one who said to get rid of her. How is any of this my fault?

She came up to my desk while I was trying to get some work done and asked how much we did last year in online sales on this date. I told her (around $5000) and she told me I only had $2000 on today. I replied that I really had a little under $3000 and that we were up $26,000 for the month so far. She told me I was wrong in my daily figuring and then said the only reason we were up so much is because we had a lot more UGGs this year.

I wasn't wrong. She only looked at our Amazon sales and didn't add in the website sales. Also, we are $26,000 up because I have busted my ass. The extra UGGs she ordered this year are sitting there. I have only sold a handful of the styles that we blew out of last year. I could be selling more but she refuses to be competitive on Amazon and does not want me to match prices, even if they are only 5 cents to 2 dollars less on a $220 pair of boots. She doesn't get it and she never will. I have a terrible feeling that because of this refusal, we are swiftly going to lose our $26,000 lead and end up with lower sales figures than last year. It's a new game online and she will not play. Once again, not my fault. When it happens, I will be blamed, though. I guarantee it.

I felt my stress and anger levels rising steadily throughout the day. Then I told myself that I am out of this hell hole soon enough and if she wants to be stupid then why not let her? I am done fighting over prices and furs and photos and helpers and everything. What's the point?

I'm tired.

Not looking forward to tomorrow
A few days ago at work I specifically spoke with the boss about our status on I told her that there are so many people on there selling UGG boots who are offering fulfillment by Amazon and free shipping this year that there was no way we could compete unless we offered free shipping as well. She said okay and on Friday before I left I reset our shipping option to free and figured I would monitor it over the weekend to see what happened.

Oh boy.

As of this morning we have 80 orders and more coming in by the hour. Just so you know why this is significant, I can tell you that we have been averaging maybe 10 sales a day, if that. I decided to call my new helper this morning to see how she was holding up and ask her to do a couple of things, like updating tracking information to make it easier to see what orders still need to be fulfilled and asking if I remembered to show her where the slipper boxes are since we pretty much sold out of these.

Of course, she said that the boss is freaking out over the free shipping. She wants an end of day report from UPS so she can see how much we are paying. In other words, she wants to know how much she is losing by offering free shipping on this stuff.

Here is how I break it down:

1) We have tons of UGG boots that are not selling and more coming this month.

2) We will not sell these unless we become competitive on Amazon.

3) Example: If we sell 20 pairs of slippers, match the lowest price and offer free shipping, we make a profit of approximately $25 per pair after Amazon takes their cut for a total of $500 profit.

4) If we do not compete in an aggressive way on Amazon, we may sell a couple of pairs of slippers in the store but none on Amazon, meaning next to zero profit.

5) Leftover slippers last year were marked down by 30% and sat there for months. The ones that sold, we made a $20 profit on.

Do you see? By not offering free shipping, we will end up with a ton of leftover stock after Christmas that will have to be marked down significantly to move, resulting in even less profit than if they had sold on Amazon with free shipping. It makes sense to me.

The fact that the boss is freaking out even though I specifically told her that I was going to offer free shipping tells that I am in for a terrible day tomorrow. I just know that she is going to pounce on me as soon as I walk in the door and I'm really not looking forward to it. I have a small card to play, though. If she throws a fit, I am planning on telling her that I am going to start looking for a job elsewhere. If she says fine, then I am going to go ahead and kick my job/home search in the bay area into high gear and damn the rest.

I've only decided to stay in Tahoe through the Christmas season and postpone my plans because I didn't feel right about picking up and leaving with no notice. Who could they find to do my job in such a short amount of time? I was planning on making my announcement after Christmas so I could focus on getting through the season in the most efficient way possible and so they could find a replacement who I could train before leaving.

This is me doing the right thing.

BUT if I am not allowed to do my job to the best of my abilities (which is how it's been almost since day one there) then why should I bother sticking around and helping to find a replacement? If she is freaking out over something that I told her I was going to implement and does not see the reasoning or benefits behind this decision then what's the point?

I'm trying not to stress out about it but I've been up since 4 AM and I've had a few hours to think about these things. I'm so tense right now and I have almost 24 hours before I have to go back to work and face the music...and said music does not have a good beat. You can't dance to it.


It's a start.
After a mostly sleepless night and a 5 AM wake up, I got right on the computer and started looking for jobs. I applied for a couple. One I am not sure that I'm really qualified for and the other doesn't pay as much as I would need but I want to start putting myself out there. Both positions are in the bay area and that is where I plan to focus the job search.

I couldn't move until after Christmas. No matter how much I loathe where I work, I couldn't bring myself to leave them in the lurch at the busiest time of the year. Nope.

After sending out resumes, I immediately felt better. I feel like I am slowly starting to move forward towards my goal of getting the hell out of here. Who knows what might happen? It could still be many months away but I feel like I am stagnating here and I need something to look forward to. The only way to do that is to get off my procrastinating ass.

We're already pricing apartments in the area and seeing who is going to let the dog live with us. This is going to be hard but where there's a will, there's a way. I sound like such a cliché. I'll also have to get rid of most of my stuff but this is not unfamiliar territory. I've done it before. I can do it again.


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